Trelleborg River Wall Installed in Brisbane

The South Brisbane Dry Dock was constructed in 1876 and is 430ft long and 60ft wide.

The use of the dock by ships fluctuated during the years subject to economic conditions and improvements in land transport. The dry dock closed in 1972 and converted to a Maritime Museum opening in 1979 and HMAS Diamantina was placed in the dry dock in 1981.

In 1998 the caisson failed and the dock flooded lifting Diamantina clear of its keel blocks. The Queensland Government undertook a project to replace the caisson with a river wall in July 2005. The Diamantina is now resting on new keel blocks in the dry dock and the Museum now conducts guided tours of the bottom of the dry dock.

The new river wall was constructed by J. F. Hull Holdings and was completed in September 2006.

The rubber seals were manufactured by Trelleborg Queensland Rubber Pty