Trelleborg Pipe Seals Solve Big Gold Coast Problem

When your 2100mm diameter buried storwater pipes shift and leak at the joins, exposing them and realigning is extraordinalrily expensive and difficult.

The Gold Coast City Council found the solution in Trelleborg NPC Internal Pipe Seals that are a rubber and stainless steel band seal that is quick and simple to install, as well as being an inexpensive solution to a major problem. 

We installed the NPC joint seals supplied by Trelleborg in our 2100mm pipes. All went well with the installation. Thanks for your help and we will certainly be using this system again.”

John Stehmann

Technical Officer SWD Condition Audit and Relining Maintenance Services Branch

Gold Coast City Council

Ashmore Depot

Ph: 07 5581 7372




Available in sizes to fit the smallest to the largest storm water pipe, Trelleborg NPC internal seals reduce the problem to a simple e mail or phone call to Trelleborg Engineered Systems Australia.