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Trelleborg uses Naval defence technology to develop a flame retardant possum cover

 The recent years of dramatic and catastrophic bushfires in Victoria Australia has prompted Trelleborg Engineers to dig deep to come up with a solution that would withstand our harsh Australian UV, High climatic temperature conditions, and then resist high arc temperatures that are experienced around insulators during a flash over events caused by falling branches or wildlife using the power network for aerial acrobatics. Trelleborg has been producing electrical safety mats and blankets and line covers for in excess of 60 years for  electrical infrastructure in Australia. However the downstream effects of flash over and the resultant fire environment has seen the requirement for a self extinguishing, non drip when ignited technology by power authorities 


The new demands of protecting our bush land against fires have forced us to re-engineer a product that is used in Anzac class naval ships. The rubber technology was developed by Trelleborg to Naval standards that required durability, flame retardant properties, and if ignited through extreme temperature would not emit a noxious gas and smoke. This product was re-engineered to produce a rubber compound that would self extinguish even after exposure to 1100-1200 degree flame.  A low ash content ensures that should a piece  drop to the ground, it will not spark the dry undergrowth.  We can now claim that our line covers and insulator shrouds, keep the possums safe and reduce the likelihood of our fire fighters having to risk their lives.


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