October 3, 2013

Swing Back Flexible Safety Barrier

Like many companies, Australia’s Woodside Energy operation uses vessels of var ying sizes to bring skip loaded supplies to the FPSO’s. Loading points and sea swell conditions often induce large swinging movements to the skips being transferred to the deck of the FPSO. The restricted space of the unloading areas View More »

June 24, 2013

Teguflex Expansion Bellows Now Ex Stock Brisbane

Trelleborg would like to announce that we are now stocking Teguflex PU Yellow Expansion bellows with PN16 Flanges in Australia. This means now these bellows can be available within a few days and as they are imported via sea freight in bulk they are now generally cheaper than previous.  Teguflex Expansion Bellows View More »

June 19, 2013

Handmade rubber bellows for mineral dredging barge application

Based in Senegal, the Grande Côte operation consists in the extraction of titanium and zircon deposits from sand. The project will start end of 2013 and run over a period of 20 years with annual production estimated at approximately 345,000 tons of titanium, 85,000 tons of zircon. A dredge operator View More »

June 13, 2013

Man Hole Frame – Chimney Seal

The grade adjustment area surrounding the manhole is the first to suffer deterioration caused by soil movement and   freeze /thaw cycles, traffic loading, thermal expansion and contraction of the surrounding pavement and other external forces. The FlexRib seal provides an easy and effective sealing solution for manhole cones  as it View More »

June 12, 2013

Trelleborg Pipe Seals Solve Big Gold Coast Problem

When your 2100mm diameter buried storwater pipes shift and leak at the joins, exposing them and realigning is extraordinalrily expensive and difficult. The Gold Coast City Council found the solution in Trelleborg NPC Internal Pipe Seals that are a rubber and stainless steel band seal that is quick and simple View More »

May 22, 2013

Trelleborg Truck Body Rubber Liners

Trelleborg – High Impact and Abrasion resistant rubber wear liners were installed into a Caterpillar AD 45 B dump truck body. These dumptrucks carry ore from underground to above surface. Trelleborg Liners reduce carry back due to low sticking but also protect the truck body from aggressive wear, improve OH&S View More »

May 2, 2013

Trelleborg uses Naval defence technology to develop a flame retardant possum cover

 The recent years of dramatic and catastrophic bushfires in Victoria Australia has prompted Trelleborg Engineers to dig deep to come up with a solution that would withstand our harsh Australian UV, High climatic temperature conditions, and then resist high arc temperatures that are experienced around insulators during a flash over View More »

March 21, 2013

Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project

  This is Queensland’s first light rail system and it will consist of 14 trams servicing 16 stations along a 13 kilometres route of 51R1 rail profile. Not just a transport project, it aims at reducing congestion and improving connectivity between major activity centres for up to 75,000 passengers per View More »