January 12, 2012

Hydrobar Waterproofing Bandage

Trelleborg Hydrobar CSM waterproofing bandage is made in Australia using Hypalon style elastomer.  It is supplied as a bandage, tape or sheet  and is used usually in reservoirs, dams or sewage plants or any where that long term resistance to chemical attack, structural movement or harsh climatic conditions is required. View More »

January 11, 2012

Collapsible Containers

Available in capacities up to 250,000 litres, the collapsible containers when empty can be rolled and folded for convenient storage and transportation. Collapsible Fuel Containers are fabricated from a variety of polymer coated materials to meet specific operational requirements. We Fabricate Fuel tanks to British defence specification DGFLS 279 to View More »

January 4, 2012

Anti Vibration Mountings – Rail

Air Spring™ AssemblyThe optimum secondary suspension for all types of passenger vehicle. These springs provide a low frequency suspension but a constant ride height. Chevron™ Springs Provide three modes with dissimilar rates of flexibility for axlebox primary suspensions. Pairs of springs fitted in vee formation achieve this through shear and compression compliance View More »